Mara Oprea from Arad, Romania

In this video, Mara Oprea, a 20 y.o. Romanian woman, tells us her success story. Mara trains for and competes in Special Olypmics, where she wins gold, silver, and bronze medals for her incredible skills in swimming.

Benchea Adrian – Arad, Romania

I am Adrian Benchea from Arad, Romania and I’m 40 years old. I am a masseur at a recovery center within DGASPC Arad (General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection Arad)

Pancho Karamanski – Bulgaria

Type of disability/ies: blind, lost his vision when he was 7.

Why is he/she/they considered successful: He is considered successful, because he has developed the necessary skills and confidence to be independent, he has managed to learn English perfectly, he travels wherever his heart or job want to take him, he has managed to teach himself how to use the equipment necessary for creating and mixing music, he managed to make himself known among sound engineers and producers across Europe, he is simply enjoying his life, not having time or need to consider whether or how happy he is.

Monika Metodieva – Bulgaria

Type of disability/ies: blind

Why is he/she/they considered successful:

Actress, singer and piano teacher – this is Monika Metodieva. Music has been with her since childhood. When he started school, she started singing in a vocal group and playing the piano. And even after her first piano lesson and the thought of how difficult it is to play, Monica did not give up and continued to study. When she was in the 12th grade, she participated in a project – a social experiment without borders, which made theatre a sustainable interest for her. She is in a play and sings with one of the other actors in a duet. After this, she received an invitation to join the troupe of her alma mater. She played Ophelia from Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Nikoleta from Greece

Nektarios from Greece

Alphonse from Greece

Elpida from Greece

Giasmina from Greece

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